End Child Sexual Abuse

Student Turned Staff

In Child Abuse, Clergy Abuse, Mack Ford, New Bethany Home for Girls, Sexual Abuse on November 5, 2013 at 7:44 pm

September 2013

After the girl became a staff member, she had absolute authority, as second in command, over a select group of girls, the trip-girls.

A victim of Child Sexual Abuse said, “At the age of 13, the “girl-turned staff” had sex with me. I didn’t fight her and enjoyed the attention, so I don’t consider what we did as sexual abuse because I enjoyed the experience.”

“I am in a struggle and do not know what to do! Previously, several other Survivors of New Bethany said the girl-turned -staff had sexual relationships with them, and with other girls of varying ages. I heard that the girl-turned-staff had sexual relationships with girls close to her age but with a few tweenies. Although the NB students hold the girl-turned-staff in high regard, she presently works with young girls, in a capacity similar to when she was at New Bethany.”

“My first impulse was to contact the authorities but I do not know her address or phone number.”

What if the girl-turned staff, continues her history of not reporting sexual acts perpetrated by adults, such as Mack Ford, with minors? I have no way of knowing if she is against pedophile acts because she refuses to report that she has direct personal knowledge of Mack Ford molesting several girls at a time.

What would YOU do?

Feel free to ask further questions or share what you, as a parent, would do in this situation, since the Victim is now in a position of authority with absolute control of numerous young girls.

  1. It is a bitter sweet moment for many of Mac Fords victims. This pedophile should have died,rotting in a jail. Shame on the surviving daughters that many of them knew what their father was doing,and they still remain in the cult that is Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. They are just as guilty as predator himself.


    • There is nothing sweet about Mack Ford’s death. He should have died rotting in a jail cell. We should have been able to see him do the perp walk. We should have been able to present a proper case to the District Attorney. Hell, the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney should have behaved half-way decent. Two agents in that whole town were nice to us.
      He’s dead and Shannon can continue to blame everything on Mack Ford (though she appears to blame no one) but she is going to face the piper.

      The young girls who were her victims, did not know she was pretending to be their best friend and confidante so that she could bring them into the quartet for all sorts of sexual perversions. She has been able to keep her “crew” quiet since 1991 and now it is all coming unraveled.


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