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Mack W. Ford Deposition

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“No regret for the confidence betrayed
No more hiding in shadow
‘Cause I won’t wait for the debt to be repaid
Time has come for you

Victimized, victimized, never again victimized
Victimized, victimized, never again victimized”
Linkin Park Lyrics


Mack & Thelma Ford New Bethany Home for Boys and Girls Arcadia, Louisiana

Mack Ford’s claims throughout this deposition focus on the Constitutional rights of Mack W. Ford, also known as “New Bethany Homes” (NB) for Boys and Girls. Claiming New Bethany a church allowed invoking Freedoms of Religion. Freedom of Religion has nothing to do with inhumane physical and sexual abuse of children!

After shooting at teenagers, Arcadia law enforcement arrested Mack Ford. Sheriff Whitman busted Mack’s cocky chops in the mid-70s and Ford sued. Ford testifies that Governor Edwards was personally aware of NB adoptions, joking about selling babies. In 1997, Ford continues claiming the state of Louisiana, “had it in for him,” basing their opinion of NB on an altercation with the Sheriff in the mid-1970’s, in this deposition on 7/22/1997, over 20 years later.

Maintaining focus on Ford’s rights prevented enforcement of children’s right to live free from cruel and inhumane treatment, including sexual abuse. Ford talks in circles and knows the statute number that NB refused to follow. Addressing child abuse testimony, Mack Ford’s statement of the wrongs of the state on June 21st, 1996, included asking removed students, “The embarrassing questions; have you been molested by Reverend Ford?” Harry Bernstein responded, “Okay. And what is inappropriate with that question?”

Louisiana versus New Bethany Home For Girls Versus State of Louisiana

New Bethany Home For Girls Versus State of Louisiana – 07/22/97

07/22/97 – Mack Ford Deposed by Harry Bernstein

Mack W. Ford- Case #96-2065 Dated 07-22-97 – Pages 1-30

Harold Allen Banker in Jonesboro

Harold Allen, Banker in Jonesboro
Page 16, Lines 21-25

Mack Ford  received zero compensation for taking kids from the Houston Detention Center, 1970 juvenile justice, Houston, TX, USA

Ms. Verna Levine, Houston Detention Center
Texas’ kids from Houston Detention Center started New Bethany Page 20, Lines 5-19
Mack Ford asserts, “New Bethany was not compensated by state or federal funding.”

Mack W. Ford-Pages 32-60

Mack W. Ford-Pages 61-90

Mack Ford believes Ex Parte Orders are WRONG

1980’s Ex Parte Order brought Fire Marshal, Social Services:”Ordered me around like a dog”
Page 74, Lines 1-14

 Judge Caldwell's son, Jim Caldwell, Mack Ford's Attorney

Jim Caldwell, Judge Caldwell’s son, Mack Ford’s attorney when Fire Marshal allegedly said, “He would not rest until Church Home and Church School was shut down.
Pages 74-75, Lines 18-25 and 1-3

Governor Edwards aware New Bethany involved in adoptions

LA Governor Edwards asked, “Do you sell babies, do you take state money?
Page 88, Lines 4-20

— Edwards aware New Bethany involved in adoptions without a license, in early 1970’s.

Mack W. Ford-Pages 91-120

Mack W. Ford-Pages 121-150

have you been molested by Reverend Ford.

Ford testifies: “The embarrassing questions; have you been molested by Reverend Ford.”
MF v LA- 7-22-97
pg 148- lines -18-23

Ford testifies under oath that DSS coached NB girls on what to say and then, recorded the coached statements against Mack Ford and New Bethany.

June 21st, 1996

MF v LA-7-22-97-pg 149-line-2-17

Mack W. Ford-Pages 151-180

Henry Bernstein questions Mack Ford about the “raid” on June 21st, 1996, wherein Ford asserts DSS, Fire Marshalls, and a Deputy Sheriff interrupted the July 4, 1996 Camp Meeting, adding, “Camp meeting lasted for four or five days.”

MF-7-22-97 -  p 160-161- lines 18-2

MF-7-22-97 –
p 160-161- lines 18-2

MF v LA-7-22-97 pg 162-line-1-7

MF v LA-7-22-97
pg 162-line-1-7

Disgruntled kids lie and manipulate to get what they want.
Page 149, Ford testified that “DSS coached the children” and recorded their coached statements.

MF-v-LA-7-22-97 pg-166-line-8-21



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