End Child Sexual Abuse

La Statutes of Limitation apply to victims of CSA, presently between the age of 18 to 48

In Child Abuse, Clergy Abuse, Louisiana, Mack Ford, New Bethany Home for Boys, Sexual Abuse, SOL, Statutes of Limitation on April 18, 2015 at 7:24 pm

LA SOL applies to ages 18-48

Ages 18-48 can report Child Sexual Abuse occurring prior to age 18.

charges for forcible rape

SOL applies to ages 18-48

  1. What happened between the,Walls at that time I was eleven who gave a dame cause we were liners so no one gave notice Mack Ford is be for tHE JUDGE NO DENIAL GUILTY GUILTY REM.BER MANY WILL SAY DID O NOT DO THOS And that GOD WILL SAY DEPART FROM ME FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU

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    • I’m really sorry you were abused by a man, who you should have been able to trust.
      I hope you have met some of the other NB victims, and that you know that you are not alone. Mack Ford was sexually abusing kids before you got there, and continued long after you left.


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