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Rape arrest in Caddo conflicts with Bienville Parish grand jury’s no true bill in New Bethany case nine months earlier

In Child Abuse on October 12, 2015 at 10:11 am

In January 2015, District Attorney of Bienville Parish, Arcadia, Louisiana, wrote that the Grand Jury convened in December 2014, in regards to charges against Rev. Mack W. Ford and after receiving information on the statutes of limitations (prescription in LA), returned a no true bill. The grand jury did not indict Mack W. Ford because District Attorney Jonathan M. Stewart and Assistant District Attorney Tammy Jump gave the grand jury laws that had not been in effect for 10 years.

Jonathan M. Stewart’s Own Words

BUT DISTRICT attorney Danny Newell wrote:

LA SOL applies to ages 18-48

Letter from District Attorney Newell, who replaced Jonathan M. Stewart. ‘Ages 18-48 can report Child Sexual Abuse occurring prior to age 18. Forcible and Aggravated Rape have no statute limiting prosecution.’

On Ocober 10, 2015, Tom Aswell of the Louisiana Voice wrote:

Roy Leon Robertson was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on Monday, October 5 and charged with aggravated rape, according to the TV report.

He is accused of raping a girl under the age of 13 in the ‘70s, but the rape was not reported to Caddo authorities until 2014 when he came under investigation for similar offenses in Winn Parish.

The parallels in the Robertson and Ford cases are unmistakable. Both were accused of raping juveniles in the ‘70s even though in each case, the offenses were not formally reported until 2014, and the reported offenses occurred in the same general area of the state.

Yet, while one such report resulted in an immediate arrest, the other was dismissed because of what the local D.A said was an expired statute of limitation.

But let’s hear what a Caddo official had to say about that:

“There is no prescription for aggravated rape,” according to investigator Jared Marshall. A victim may come forward at any time. “Normally it’s called the statue (sic) of limitations, but in Louisiana it’s called a prescription,” the TV station quoted Marshall as saying.

What must happen to force Bienville Parish to prosecute Child Sexual Abuse?

What should happen to Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office, Bienville Parish District Attorney’s office, and the Louisiana State Police over the New Bethany debacle?

Source: Rape arrest in Caddo conflicts with Bienville Parish grand jury’s no true bill in New Bethany case nine months earlier

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