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Student Turned Staff

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September 2013

After the girl became a staff member, she had absolute authority, as second in command, over a select group of girls, the trip-girls.

A victim of Child Sexual Abuse said, “At the age of 13, the “girl-turned staff” had sex with me. I didn’t fight her and enjoyed the attention, so I don’t consider what we did as sexual abuse because I enjoyed the experience.”

“I am in a struggle and do not know what to do! Previously, several other Survivors of New Bethany said the girl-turned -staff had sexual relationships with them, and with other girls of varying ages. I heard that the girl-turned-staff had sexual relationships with girls close to her age but with a few tweenies. Although the NB students hold the girl-turned-staff in high regard, she presently works with young girls, in a capacity similar to when she was at New Bethany.”

“My first impulse was to contact the authorities but I do not know her address or phone number.”

What if the girl-turned staff, continues her history of not reporting sexual acts perpetrated by adults, such as Mack Ford, with minors? I have no way of knowing if she is against pedophile acts because she refuses to report that she has direct personal knowledge of Mack Ford molesting several girls at a time.

What would YOU do?

Feel free to ask further questions or share what you, as a parent, would do in this situation, since the Victim is now in a position of authority with absolute control of numerous young girls.

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