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Mechille, Letter to her Rapist, Mack Ford

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We will ALWAYS remember Mechille!

Teresa and Mechille in 2011

Teresa and Mechille in 2011


Mechille Lenee Searles R.I.P. June 18, 2012

Mechille Lenee Searles
R.I.P. June 18, 2012

2011, May 4 ~ Letter to Mack Ford from Mechille Evans-Searles R.I.P.

Mechille, Letter to OUR rapist, Mack W. Ford

  • Does it haunt you? What you did to me? What you did to us, hundreds of survivors with many of stories to tell of the abuse. You did not stop at one type of abuse, you were an offender of disgusting and cruel, just evil intentions.
  • Since life at NB, I have resigned to think that God was just an uncaring bystander, yawning while you mastered your craft of abuse, power and manipulation of my very own soul.
  • I remember like yesterday when it all started happening. A trip girl had left the home after her year and Miss Shannon overheard me singing in the kitchen one day. She asked if I would want to try singing in the choir, and then she asked me to sing in the quartet.
  • You robbed me of a relationship with God for years to come after NB, and I tell ya… there were times I needed him desperately but you had left me afraid so much so I isolated myself from my spiritual self.
  • This is on you… just don’t ask me for the forgiveness because I am not willing to give that to you for your unforgivable crimes.
  • Then the day would come when in the middle of Rhode Island, that I would walk in on you engaged in a sexual act with another girl and rather than shame and being scared shitless that you had been caught… you manipulated me and demanded and reeled me in.
  • You had me so scared, us so scared and full of shame that we would not breathe a word only until shit hit the fan for you and (in 1991) you were accused by an adult staff member who had the courage to come forward to your wife and Ms. Nora.
New Bethany Quartet with Mechille

New Bethany Quartet with Mechille at ages 12-14

  • I realize the truth is that we were all there to meet your needs in one way or another, whether it would be for financial gain, sexual needs and power trips. You never had one intention of helping one wayward child; in fact you screwed up hundreds. You used your power to gratify your selfish, sick needs with not regard to the harm and pain and years of shame you were inflicting on innocent children.
A young staff person engaged with the girls to perform for Mack Ford's sexual deviances

Mack Ford sexually abusing several girls simultaneously.

  • As a matter of fact, when I got sent back to the home and ran away and told the cops what had happened with you that led to the home closing temporarily months earlier, you had the balls to march into the police station with your wife to face off with me and what you said were false allegations?
  • … you loaded me and the other girls up in the van and sent us to hide out at a church in Texas, telling the staff to call my mom while I was there and have her come and pick me up. I was no longer welcome..
  • Y’all totally screwed me after the tape I had made with other girls for your wife and in the presence of Ms. Nora [Carter] was suddenly non-existent when the police asked about it.


Remember Mechille

Remember Mechille

Mechille died and not one of her “friends” have uttered a word. One woman holds the key and she and her Keepers of the Secrets prevent anyone from obtaining justice.

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